SciNet Communications & Research

Our Practices

Scinet offers software consulting and development expertise in high performance computing applications, network design and big data analytics.

We specialize in solutions tailored to key vertical markets of energy, financial services & life sciences.


We have extensive knowledge and experience with both Microsoft enterprise applications and infrastructure, including: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Server 2012, Microsoft Hyper-V, Exchange, SharePoint 2013, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and .NET as well as Open Source infrastructure applications and operating systems: RedHat Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu, Apache Foundation projects including Hadoop, Accumulo and Spark.

Scinet has designed and deployed some of the largest private cloud OpenStack clusters in Canada since 2012.

About us

Founded in 1994 in Toronto, Canada, SciNet Communications & Research Inc. developed one of the initial highly scalable genome sequence distributed database systems-- GenSeq.

SciNet High Performance Computing Center at the University of Toronto is located at